Cayos Cochinos Diving Tour Price

Cayos Cochinos DivingWe offer a remote snorkeling and scuba diving safari service based in La Ceiba. We dive in the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park, in the Bay Islands of Honduras where you'll find the most pristine water in all of Honduras, probably due to the remote location of Cayos Cochinos and the protection of the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation (HCRF). We offer the most impressive diving in Honduras as well.

  • • Inexpensive diving programs - This is one of the most inexpensive diving programs in the world, one price that includes the course, meals, lodging and transport from the coast to Cayos Cochinos (everything is induded except beverages)
  • • Small diving groups - Never more than 6 guests per DM and never more than 4 persons in a course. This means more time diving and less time watching other students do skills. Think about it if there are 10 people In your course and there are 90+ skills the instructor needs to evaluate, that adds up to 900+ skills you have to watch. I'd rather watch sea life.

Come explore one of the worlds most impressive reefs, the Cayos Cochinos Marine National Park.
• Try Scuba diving for the first time, with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving one day course in Cayos Cochinos ($65), no experience required 'Snorkeling trip to Cayos Cochinos ($39), 2 days /1 night! $89
• Dive trip to Cayos Cochinos (2 dives, $85), 2 days / 1 night / 4 dives / $179
• PADI dive courses including meals and lodging for 2.5 days: Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue ($321)
• PADI dive courses combos: Open Water & Advanced Open Water or Advanced Open Water and Rescue ($599), also available Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue ($899)
• Cabin rentals budget and upscale, with and without meal packages 'Professional Internships with meals and lodging included: DM, Al & Inst. Prices may vary based on participation, beverages not included in package.

Overnight Snorkeling and Diving trips:
• Multi-day Cayos Cochinos diving tour packages: Includes meals lodging and 2 dives a day - 2 Days /1 Night / $210, 3 Days /2 Nights! $284.4 Days! 3 Nights / $389, 5 Days! 4 Nights / $494.
• Multi-day Cayos Cochinos snorkeling tour packages: Includes meals, lodging -2 Days! I Night! $89, 3 Days /2 Nights! $139, 4 Days! 3 Nights! $189, 5 Days /4 Nights / $239. Multi-day Utila diving packages with guided tour Includes meals, lodging with AC and 2 dives a day -2 Days / 1 Night / $270, 3 Days /2 Nights / $405, 4 Days 3 Nights $540, 5 Days /4 Nights! 670, $135 each additional day with two dives.
PADI dive courses:
• Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) - $55, 1 day. If you want to experience the beauty of diving on a beautiful tropical reef without the commitment to fill certification course then sign up for a day trip and the PAIN Discover Scuba Diving experience. For those who have never been diving before you will discover how easy it Is to use scuba in shallow water, then we'll take you on an underwater tour of the healthiest reef in Honduras.
• Open Water Scuba Diver (OW) - $321, 3 days /2 nights with meals and lodging included. The Open Water certification is the basis for all levels of diving. This diving license is the most sought after and recognized in the world, allowing you to dive anywhere independent of supervision to le meters/60feet The course has academic sessions, confined water skills session and 4 open water dives. There is no previous experience required, but be warned, diving is addictive and you'll wonder why you waited so long.

PADI dive courses continued:
• Advanced Open Water Diver (A0W) - $321, 3 days /2 nights with meals and lodging included. For Open Water Divers this two-day diving certification course takes your dives to deeper depths (30 meters or 100 feet) and shows you how to explore underwater through navigation. You can then choose what type of diving interests you the most Night diving. Drift diving, Naturalist, Fish id, Wreck diving and better Buoyancy.
• Rescue Diver (RSC) - $321, 3 days /2 nights with meals and lodging included. Expand your diving skills, confidence and abilities as a Rescue Diver. In this course you will learn to recognize diver stress, equipment problems and apply diving first aid with emergency management Your in water skills include dealing with distressed, tired, panicking, unconscious and missing divers.
• Master Diver - $699, 6 days / 5 nights with meals and lodging included. This program includes five specialty courses cf your choosing; Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, Fish Id, Navigation, Drift diving, Naturalist, Peek Performance Buoyancy and Night diving.

Professional diving courses:
• Divemaster internship (DM) - $150, 30 days, with meals and lodging Included, This program includes the Divemaster course, transport to Cayos Cochinos and space available diving, meals and lodging, additional months $600.
• Assistant instructor internship (AI) - $1150, 30 days, with meals and lodging included. This program includes the Assistant Instructor course, transport to Cayos Cochinos and space available diving, additional months $600. Instructor Internships also available, contact us for details.

Current Cayos Cochinos Diving Prices as of January 2013                   
Cayos Cochinos Diving Prices